Moving forward . . .

. . . now looks more like standing pat. Waiting on the RF 100-500mm, it’ll get a thorough testing in hopes that it’ll deliver images on par with what I’ve seen from other good copies. Until then, no gear moves.

And, assuming it does perform, no gear moves in the stars following its arrival. The next possibility, as it currently appears, would be ditching all the Nikon stuff if Canon brings a long prime that looks interesting and is priced practically.

Out with the R5 and RF 100-400mm today in very gloomy, drizzly weather, I dared to add the 1.4X to capture some distant critters. At first glance, it appears that image quality takes a substantial hit with the extender attached, especially feather details. Recent experimentation, though, shows that it’s actually the increase in noise due to higher ISO that causes a sorta fuzzy look on details.

A few extra clicks in post-processing crispens details back to their natural appearance, making the lightweight combo a valuable tool in the field. Next up, to try the 600mm f/11 with the same workflow . . .

A few raptor friends, among others, showed up to say hello today, chief among them my White-Bellied Sea Eagle friends of many years, giving me a rare sitting of both together, unobscured (second shot below).

R5/RF 100-400mm/RF 1.4X
R5/RF 100-400mm/RF 1.4X