Moving Forward

Realizing in the past few months what a great help weather resistance, IBIS, and dual stabilization are means that what doesn’t have it must be ditched in favor of what does.

Much as I love the image quality of the CL, the heavy rains of the past few months made it a no-go for outdoor shooting. While its construction is robust, it has its limits: no weather sealing and a mount that seems calibrated for TL lenses, not heavier SL glass.

With a bit of blue sky overhead this morning, I mounted the 90-280mm for what I figure was my last outing with the CL, especially with rumors predicting its replacement to come around mid-year. Autofocus with the big zoom is not as perfect or as fast as on the SL2, but still good.

Having a larger image in the EVF of what I’m shooting is the main positive difference. Otherwise I prefer the SL2, which—for me—handles far better with heavier lenses. A neighborhood sunbird favored the CL with a pose, posted below.

Looking for BIF in the afternoon, I headed with the RP and RF 800mm to a large open field next to a construction site. The egrets mostly ignored me, and the only decent shot I got during the entire walk is posted below. Oh, well. Maybe I’d have better luck with an R5?

Brown-Throated Sunbird (Male)