Moving forward . . .

Out with the Z fc and 500mm PF this afternoon in mostly very dark overcast, ISO dipped into three digits only once. But the setup did well, better than one might expect from an entry-level camera.

The camera has both animal and human eye detection, which appears to work surprisingly well with the 28mm SE, and not at all with the 500mm PF. Seems like Canon has everyone beaten by a mile on that feature.

Some test shots with the Z 100-400mm this morning indoors were inconclusive. No matter, as I’m more tempted by the RF 100-500mm as my zoom option. After seeing how the Z fc’s Sony sensor does with background foliage at middle ISO levels, I’m very sure I want another maker’s sensor for the other option. That would mean Canon full frame, unless they bring a crop sensor body to the market soon. Oh, well . . . cross that bridge later.

A reunion with the R6 is always a temptation, but it would mean default deployment of the RF 100-500mm would be with the teleconverter, an ergonomic nightmare. OTOH, the Nikon zoom extends by only about two inches when fully zoomed, and can collapse completely with the TC attached. But I have yet to see any good photos taken with it. (Edit: just saw some nice photos that are on par with the ones I’ve seen from the RF zoom, also remembering that the Nikon lens has a short zoom throw. Back in contention.)

Critters were fairly abundant today, just not interested in posing. Lucky I was that my loyal friend, the Red-Whiskered Bulbul didn’t mind, nor did a friendly Olive-Backed Sunbird.

Z fc/500mm PF
Z fc/500mm PF