Narrowing down . . .

. . . to what works best when; and it looks like the CL/Sigma setup will be a last resort. Dead last.

Don’t get me wrong; I love the colors from the CL. It is a fantastic camera (all together now) for its intended purposes. With its native lenses, it’s full-frame quality in a tiny, lightweight package.

But the keeper rate with the Sigma is abysmal, around 30% today. A still subject can be salvaged by switching to AF-S, but that’s a step I shouldn’t have to take, and don’t have to take with other cameras. The Sigma lens, although not without its own limitations, deserves a more suitable camera.

Even so, the lens adds to the camera’s misery, as OIS is full-time when the camera is switched on. It’s nice to have a stable image in the finder from the word go, but it’s no fun to see the battery light blink red every 60-90 minutes, usually just when there’s a skittish bird in view.

So what works best when? The CL, for one thing. But only when it has its own or shorter lenses attached!

CL/Sigma 100-400mm
CL/Sigma 100-400mm