Next move?

With rainy season in full swing here in the ant farm (yeah, even wetter than the rest of the year), there was no chance to shoot as I had planned. Instead, I was left with some downtime to consider my next gear choice—whether to look long or short.

Part of me says to accede to one of the slow Canon RF options and just be done with it, especially since all of it performed well on my previous R6. The other part says to forget about long glass until or unless there’s an inclination to shoot birds. OR until there’s a somewhat faster, affordable RF option, which may be never. No hurry, though, as my critter friends typically make themselves scarce from early December until mid-January.

A 28 would fill my only gap in short glass, but yesterday’s experience has me thinking twice about sourcing a Mandler piece to fill it. Of course there are more modern options, but an Ultron II would be the most practical solution if that becomes the choice.

Choices will settle themselves in good time. For now, just a day of rainless, overcast weather would be nice . . .

M10/80mm Summilux-R