No more shoehorn . . .

Although my choice to ditch Leica gear sometime back was heavily fueled by a distaste for some of the company’s choices and its local subsidiary’s policies, an overriding factor was that none of their cameras were among the best choices for capturing my avian friends.

Having tried every R-mount telephoto and extender with the exception of the too-heavy Telyt-Module options, as well as all of the Sigma and Panasonic offerings for L-mount, I most often ended up trying to shoehorn the magnificent little CL into being a birding camera.

Missing the wearability and simplicity of M cameras, I recently added an M10 to the arsenal. And, absent both the weight of a wildlife lens as well as the spectre of another disappointing lens choice, today I further righted my ship with the addition of an SL2. Hopefully this time I can appreciate the ease of manual focus using its spectacular EVF rather than cursing at its CD AF with long lenses, although L-mount’s many AF lens options will surely be a temptation.

For now, though, the plan is to keep it simple and relatively short. With a different approach to shooting, maybe the cycle of insanity has finally been broken.

R6/Viltrox 85mm f1.8