Nothing ventured, nothing lost . . .

The upside of trying different equipment, part of what I enjoy about photography, is that one is able to form firsthand persepectives of how well—or not—things work. The downside comes when one makes a whole series of choices that don’t work out, which is what I’ve done in recent months.

That said, the miserable, over-hyped S5 is gone. The eminently decent but outdated 90D is gone. And the very capable Sigma 150-600mm, through no fault of its own, is gone. So are my inclination and means for gear “exploration” in the near future.

In place of the L-mount setup sits a Sony NEX 12 a6400 and an FE 200-600mm G lens. A search through the archives showed that this combo is a smidgen sharper than the Sigma lens with the CL, which has a similar sensor. In my haste to move on to the next “latest thing,” I foolishly trundled my previous copies off a couple of years ago.

Being reminded that the Sony lens has internal zoom, a shorter throw, and is shorter overall than the Sigma at max focal length swayed me. It had also left a sour taste in my mouth when, the day before, the local Sigma agent had quoted me a fee of about half the price of the lens for a mount change.

Brand “agents” or “subsidiary partners” or whatever other name they may go by are probably the biggest single reason for L-mount’s resounding failure in the local market. But that’s a rant for another day.

Out for a stroll through the almost-dry mud flat in the morning, the RF 800mm grabbed a few nice shots, including the Collared Kingfisher below. The Pacific Golden Plovers, likely passage migrants, appear to have continued on their way. Weather permitting tomorrow, I’ll set out hoping to capture some shots of the next group of transiting critters.

R6/RF 800mm f11