Now I remember . . .

. . . a big part of why I didn’t delve further into the RF system last year. Before I could figure out which body to upgrade to, I learned that the RF 100-500mm was in short supply worldwide due to the pandemic and that local stores had been out of stock for some time.

Checking the Oly late yesterday, the finder is a bit more stable without the 1.4X TC. But, spooked by that, I started thinking again about the tiny sensor, the frighteningly thin mount flanges, how long de-noising takes, etc. The Oly gear is now on the outbound shelf.

After reading well into the night I convinced myself for a second time that the premium on the R5 for so many features that I wouldn’t use was not worth it to me. Further nudged by learning that the local branch of Canon currently has a heavily discounted promotion on the EOS R, and that the difference in price between the EOS R and the R5 was very nearly enough to pay for the 100-500mm, I made my choice.

Back with a copy by noon, I checked with one of my connections to find the best deal on the lens. AGAIN, no one has stock!

To console myself, I grabbed a 600mm f/11 so I’d at least have a native lens to shoot with. And, anticipating that the teleconverter might well be scarce by the time another shipment of lenses arrives, I grabbed an RF 1.4X.

Weather was not very “permitting” today, but during a ten-minute break between showers I managed to squeeze off a few shots, including the one of the pigeon below, shot at ISO 1600 and cropped at 100%.

Stalking critters at f/11 for a while might pose some challenges; but with ~675mm of relative reach on full-frame that weighs in at less than 1.6kg, I sure ain’t gonna complain . . .

EOS R/600mm f/11