Oh, be careful little eyes . . .

. . . especially when reading the gear-related rumors websites . . .

One site has pretty much laid out “Leica’s” camera roadmap up to 2030!! While it makes for interesting reading, it doesn’t take into account the shifting playing field in the industry, especially in terms of AI and AR and whatever else may not have even come to the forefront yet.

But, to dive right into the discussion, I’d almost be willing to wager that Leica’s next SL model will be a re-badged, modified version of the rumored upcoming Panasonic S5 II. Should be interesting: a $7000-8000 price tag on top and a “made in china” label on the bottom. Or, as Panasonic usually does it, printed on an internal plastic part in microscopic lettering.

Whatever the case, for once I’m not reading in eager anticipation of some upcoming new feature or inclusion of something that was left off the previous model. Either I’ve reached that time in life when new technology becomes less interesting; or—more likely—I’m simply satisfied with the current bodies.

I often wondered why I’d dumped off my previous SL2 when I ditched the heavy SL lenses, when all I had to do was add some M glass or even lighter AF stuff from the other L-mount partners. Poorer but happier now, back on level ground and enjoying the pursuit again!

SL2/Voigtlander 50mm f1.2 Nokton