oIS, Part II . . .

After yesterday’s disappointment with the CL and Sigma 150-600mm, I felt the need to do the same set of tests with the lens on the SL2-S.

Taking the same route as yesterday, though under overcast skies, I again took my time making about eighty shots using iAF, most wide open, most at 1/800, with floating ISO. Critical accuracy of autofocus was 100%. Reliability of OIS was also 100%. Every single shot had crisp details.

This would explain why several users of this lens have displayed mixed results, while one user (who will know who she is if she chances to read this) has displayed perfect results with the lens. It’s a matter of technique, making sure the focus point is on the correct area of the contour when the shutter button is pressed.

OIS gives a much steadier finder than the Sony options I’ve used, but the setup still requires a modicum of discipline when shooting. The results also make me wonder (again) what the root cause is of all the complaints about DFD autofocus. Even on low-contrast subject matter, AF was quick and accurate.

The SL2-S did give me a fit at the outset, though, putting display settings back to default when I changed to M shooting mode. I can understand the value to some shooters of not having those settings global, but it sure elicited some cursing and slowed me down in the field this morning.

Looks as though the CL either is or isn’t a full part of the L-mount alliance, depending on which way the wind is blowing at Wetzlar . . .

SL2-S/Sigma 150-600mm