Okay . . .

Out with the a7 IV and 100-400mm setup this morning, a few of my bulbul friends graciously sat for the only bird pics I could manage. Like any first day with new critter-chasing gear, it’s too soon to formulate more than ongoing impressions.

One thing stood out, though: the bird eye AF feature, for the limited number of shots I used it, was every bit as good as with the R5. Even better, there were some instances where spot AF focused on the critter and bird eye AF took over. With the R5, I have to switch from one to the other when shooting around foliage because there are times AF locks onto a flower rather than a critter’s eye.

Still, a number of scenarios have to be experienced with the a7 IV’s AF system so that I’ll know what to count on and what to use an alternative for. But, along with superb handling of four-digit ISO, it looks as though the setup will give me the much-desired equivalent (at least) alternative to shooting Canon.

Interestingly, relative reach with the setup without teleconverter is roughly the same as the CL/Lumix 70-300mm. However, the 100-400mm GM is clearly a cut above both that and the RF 100-400mm. It remains to be seen how it’ll handle feathers with the 1.4X teleconverter attached, but I think it’ll be fun finding out!

a7 IV/100-400mm GM
a7 IV/100-400mm GM