On the fence . . .

Some luck was with me today as I managed to scrounge up a Lumix S teleconverter at one of the local shops, a 1.4X. Worldwide, the 2X appears to be rarer than hens’ teeth at the moment. And after shooting with the 1.4X on the SL2 most of the afternoon, I’m not sure the lens would be up for that much magnification.

The good news, and there’s plenty of it, is that with the lens/TC combo on the SL2, AF is fast and accurate, and images are near-spectacular at 100% magnification. Stopped down one stop to eff. f/8 and viewed at 200%, acuity is damn near as good as the 90-280mm SL—not bad for being 560g lighter and 1.7″ shorter.

Wide open at 200% the combo’s fine-detail rendering takes a small hit, enough to make me wonder how it would render even at 100% with the 2X. No slam on the lens, as the only other 70/80-200mm lens I’ve used that has this much contrast at f/4 was the venerable R 80-200mm f/4. The lens, at least my current copy, is worthy of the “Certified by Leica” designation.

No point wondering further about the 2X unless I spot one somewhere. Until then, I think I’ll have plenty of fun with the present reach capability. It’s nice to get my hands on something that works as it’s supposed to.

SL2/Lumix S Pro 70-200mm f/4/DMW-STC14