“On the internet…”

After reading a lengthy, plausible-sounding treatise on how Canon RF-mount cameras don’t produce good images using M-mount lenses, posted by one of the self-appointed cognoscenti on a popular photography forum, I was skeptical.

Held indoors by a steady morning rain, I headed to a spacious indoor venue with my 24mm Elmar-M and 35mm ‘lux FLE. Images were, of course, spectacular: bone sharp corner to corner. No surprise, as the same “expert” in another post went on about how good the 180mm f/3.4 APO-Telyt-R is when used with the 1.4X extender (an extender that is physically incapable of being mounted to the rear of that lens!).

It was the same know-it-all who dissed a couple of my posts as no more than “something on the internet” lacking credibility; and disparaged other things I wrote, to the point that I no longer participate in that (or any other) forum. But, hey, I’m still “on the internet,” believe it or not. 😜

Out in a steady afternoon drizzle, I managed to find a few critters with the RF 600mm. The first shot below was taken at ISO 6400, cropped at about 90%. I never tried that ISO on m43, but I imagine the image would look like a Seurat painting! Second shot, a 100% crop, shows the lens is well above average capturing feather details. Neither photo had any sharpening added.

There’s a nice backstory about the lens designer’s motivation behind the 600mm and 800mm RF lenses. Well, it could just be something else “on the internet,” but the sentiment certainly aligns with the capabilities of the end product. And it’s in that spirit that I enjoy using my 600mm!

EOS R/600mm f/11

EOS R/600mm f/11