One at a time . . .

. . . seems to be how I get bird pics these days.

Up until about six or eight months ago, a normal afternoon walk would yield at least five or six different birds, with multiple shots of each. Sometimes birds were more plentiful than that, but never less so.

In late December, the non-regulars disappeared, not unusual for that time of year. But instead of numbers increasing again in mid-January, they decreased. The Little Terns that usually zip around over the river basin in search of food never showed up this year. Several other winter visitors have not been seen.

In recent weeks, there have been days when I just carried a 3kg camera and lens for two hours without taking a single shot. That’s why I’ve started carrying shorter lenses some days and looking at other subject matter. But that’s another story.

For now, today, here’s my bird photo. Yup, just one.

Olive-Backed Sunbird
SL2/90-280mm SL