One doesn’t always mean the other . . .

Out with the RF 600mm f11 on the R5 for just the second time, the first few shots, all targets, showed the lens to be a notch sharper than the 100-400+1.4X—no surprise there. As the previous outing was in poor light and cut short by a downpour, hopes were high when I hit the critter area under moderate overcast skies.

BUT . . . with bird feathers, the lens is no better than the zoom/extender combo, in some cases actually showing a bit less feather detail on similar critters. It wouldn’t be the first lens I’ve seen that was better on targets than on critters, nor even close to being the most pronounced in that proclivity. That dubious honor goes to the now-departed R 350mm f/4.8 Telyt.

Dunno if I should be happy or disappointed, so I choose happy. The zoom/extender combo gives me almost macro repro at MFD with better than competent IQ, and also the option of leaving the extender off when I need the extra stop of light. And it’s a bit lighter than the DO prime, although neither is heavy enough to complain about.

Oh, whatever . . . it’s just nice, for once, to be choosing the better one rather than the lesser of two evils!

R5/RF 600mm f11
R5/RF 600mm f11