One plus one . . .

One combination I’d never tried at length, until the other day, is the CL and the 90-280mm SL. Comments scattered online mention that the combo doesn’t balance well, that it’s front-heavy, etc.

Nobody mentioned the good things: a decent ratio of reach to weight, fast and critically accurate autofocus, and spectacular image quality. Pixel-peeping reveals that there’s just a smidgen more detail in the CL’s RAW files than in those of the SL2, at least at ISO 800 and below.

One thing I have to backtrack on, though: out yesterday in UV 13 sunshine, and with the LCD side of the camera facing the sun for a good while, the top right side did get rather hot. But unlike my previous copy, some shade and a few minutes of a breeze took the temperature right back to normal. Maybe they can borrow some of Sigma’s thermally-stable composite for the sequel?

CL/90-280mm SL