Ooops . . .

Sometimes it’s good to be wrong, as in what I said about no shop having the Sony 1.4X TC in stock. I found one and pounced before noon today.

Out in gloom and drizzle in the late afternoon, I discovered—much to my chagrin—that Auto ISO on the a6400 won’t go over 6400 when shooting raw! Of course, looking at ISO 6400 files, it’s no wonder. So, finding only one perched bird, one of my two Stork-Billed Kingfisher pals (immature siblings), I dropped the shutter speed to bring ISO down. First shot below is 1/100, ISO 400, run through Topaz.

Noise is so bad in dim light, even at moderate ISO speeds, an Achilles heel of Sony APS-C, that it’s hard tell on about half of the 1/100 shots whether the issue is Steady Shot, AF, or noise—until one sees the other half that are sharp.

Now I’m wondering if I’m just giving myself an excuse reason to grab a FF body. The obvious solution is to wait until I have a day with good light to see what IQ looks like with the TC. Last time out with the lens, I recall that I didn’t use the TC with crop sensor. Maybe an experience like today’s was why.

Nahhh . . . two days out with the camera and I know where I’m headed . . .

Edit: I just found a submenu on the Auto ISO designation that allows me to set the upper limit to the max. Not looking forward to any images in that range . . . 😬

a6400/100-400mm GM/1.4x
a6400/100-400mm GM/1.4x