Options . . .

The last of the M glass made its exit today along with the M10. M lenses will always be welcome in my arsenal, but the risks associated with legacy glass of any brand make it a no-go for me in the future.

The “just one” did in fact become “just two,” but won’t go further. At a little over 700 grams each, they’re no heavier than the chrome 90mm Summicron-M. Mixed in with lightweight TL glass, weight won’t be an issue when heading out the door.

One thing remains up in the air: what camera to get for a backup. APS-C options, my preference, leave me with two uncomfortable choices: TL2 and CL. The former never caught on here and is near-impossible to find; and owners of the latter are asking absurd prices.

Grey market copies of the S5, probably the worst camera I’ve ever tried for bird photography, can be had at about 60% of its original street price here, both with and without the 20-60mm kit lens. But would it do for shooting short, especially in crop mode? SL 601 and SL2-S beg the same question and are heavier than I’d want to have for a travel backup.

Size, weight, and sensor of the fp L would be great, but they’re like hen’s teeth in these parts. Changing settings on the fly would probably give me fits as well. And with the EVF attached, it’s not the most packable camera.

Time—and the market—will tell what turns up. And even though no option is ideal, I keep reminding myself that it’s just for a backup. And that it’s good to have options.

SL2/28mm Summicron-SL