Out and in . . .

The last of the Nikon stuff went out the door today, following their last press conference in which no mention was made of the long lenses they’ve been teasing. The fp L was trundled off to a new home earlier in the week. Both were perfectly good pieces of gear that, for different reasons, didn’t fit into my plans as originally intended.

The Oly 300mm arrived too late in the day to go bird-chasing, but I did manage to put it against some known targets. The only thing my previous copy had going against it was that I hadn’t tried a couple of the better Leica R options at that time, which I felt might be better.

Five years later, this copy confirms that they were not. This is probably the highest-resolving lens I’ve ever owned, and I’m hoping for the chance tomorrow to point it at some critters.

CL/90mm Summicron-SL