Out of the frying pan . . .

into . . . ???

Reading back over what I wrote yesterday, it occurred to me that the main issues I cited were either not present or negligible without the teleconverter in use. And part of the idea of choosing the 100-400mm GM this time around was so I could have f/5.6 at the long end. Still, with a new standard of sorts for noise ingrained in my head by recent Canon experiences, the a6400 was effectively finished.

A Mac user has to be almost certifiably loony to consider a camera that neither Monterey nor ipad IOS supports. Hey, that’s me! Fortunately, while viewing some downloaded high-ISO files shot with the a7IV, I discovered that Raw Power not only opens the files, but also renders them beautifully. Since I already have it for IOS, it’ll give me a chance to put the ipad to use for its originally-intended purpose.

Although with teleconverter may end up being the default deployment for the 100-400mm GM on full frame, I will head out the door tomorrow, weather permitting, with just the lens mounted on the a7IV, in hopes of seeing what I can get with it.

It would appear that this is the end of APS-C for me, with the ironclad exception of the CL, which still excels at everything except dedicated birding. Perhaps it was the CL after all, not full frame, that made other brands’ crop sensor offerings look less than great. In fact, the CL puts to shame more than one or two full frame options as well.

Now I’m rambling on the keyboard, hoping that I get to do the same on my feet tomorrow morning . . .

a6400/100-400mm GM