P. O. S.

After finally shooting known targets yesterday with the RF setup, today seemed like a good time to do the same with the 7D II and EF zoom + TC setup.

While the camera impressed on the first few outings, its recent behavior has been unacceptable. Doing some research after noticing that the camera was writing files to the CF slot when I had repeatedly set it to write to the SD slot, I found that it’s a known issue. When a card is removed—even when the battery is not in the camera—it defaults to the other slot and doesn’t revert when the card is put back into the slot.

After two-plus hours of lugging the setup around in sweltering weather, I was relieved to see that files were written to the SD card. However, the camera had somehow decided to record .jpg images instead of RAW, as I had selected!

While losing all but the center focus points when the 1.4X extender is used (f/8) is no big issue, the miserable veiling flare I get with this particular copy of the extender is not. Nor is the resulting unreliable stabilization. One miserable shot is posted below as a reminder to myself to exile this TC to paperweight duty.

The camera gets one more outing, next time without the extender. Either a poor performance or another firmware slip-up will guarantee it a temporary stay in the outbox. With relative reach 1.72X of the corresponding RF setup, it should at least show a modest improvement in detail rendering, which it does not.

7D II/EF 100-400mm/EF Extender 1.4X III