PC, the good kind . . .

. . . not personal computer, or—heavens forbid—political correctness.

Perspective control.

Follow the brown staircase in the mid-area of the photo down to where it meets the tiles near the bottom of the photo, then pan a bit left and a bit right. It looks almost as if the floor has steps on the right and alternating slopes on the left. The near-illusion is aided by the “stretching” of the tables and chairs at the extreme bottom left. In fact, it’s a flat floor.

For that reason, I seldom go wider than 24mm when shooting indoors. But sometimes it’s more fun to “abuse” an ultrawide, in this case the 18mm Super-Elmar-M, while enjoying the M10-R’s perspective control..

Pretty cool? Positively corny? No, when I start doing stuff like this, it’s usually due to a paucity of critters!

M10-R/18mm Super-Elmar-M