“Perpetual” greed . . .

These days one must read all the fine print when selecting a raw processing software, including which cameras are supported.

When Adobe changed to subscription mode, I had “perpetual license” versions of PS and LR. They worked well until Apple changed to 64-bit and Adobe refused to update them.

So I switched to a Capture One “perpetual license,” which worked okay-ish for several months until it didn’t offer support for new cameras—or an old one, the G95. To get that, it was necessary to buy the new version, another “perpetual license,” which I chose not to do.

After a failed attempt with ON1 Raw, I turned to DXO Photolab. I really like it–except that it didn’t support my departed SL2, and currently does not support the M10-R. Raw files won’t open at all.

So as a last resort, I signed up for the free three months of Adobe Cloud that came with the M10-R. I figured maybe it would tide me over until there’s something else on the market.

Before Lightroom had even finished installing, Adobe had already, without any notification, uploaded over two gigabytes of my photos to their cloud. I immediately uninstalled the whole mess.

Fortunately, C1 20 does open the raw files, even though the M10-R is not listed as a supported camera in that version. It’ll have to do until something better comes along.

M10-R/24mm f/3.8 Elmar-M ASPH