Pleasant surprises . . .

As an early adopter of Sony mirrorless (NEX) cameras, I well know what the early complaints with controls were and how Sony has progressed over the years. More than once I heard the “little computer that takes pictures” comment, and couldn’t really disagree with it.

While they’ve sometimes been slow to address certain things, over the years they’ve gotten there. My current “computer that takes pictures” is the most amazingly customizable of its kind that I’ve seen. In the “old” days, if twelve years ago can be considered “old,” changing a setting usually required pressing something to access it, turning something to change it, pressing something again to set it, and pressing yet again to confirm the setting.

Today, I found that I can customize a top button to toggle through AF area modes, which I currently have limited to three. It means I can spot focus to locate my critter, then almost instantly switch to eye AF. Nimble as the R5 is, it can’t do that.

It’s not all perfection, though, as the a7 IV can be slow to acquire initial focus, mystifyingly so at times. Still, I’d rate its AF overall on about the same level as the R5, just with different niggles. High ISO, well, maybe a little better even. Whatever, both clean up nicely in Topaz.

For once, no “villain” in the dry cabinet, just a few great computers that take pictures!

a7 IV/100-400mm GM
a7 IV/100-400mm GM