Plus and minus . . .

Threat of rain this afternoon made the Sigma 150-600mm the lens of choice for a walk instead of my planned choice, the 180mm/2X combo.

Superb stabilization and accurate AF make the Sigma a viable tool when paired with the CL. Resolution? No issue at all for the lens. The pairing even handles well.

BUT . . . (you knew that was coming) shooting in the exact same spot under canopy in the same light I shot in yesterday, at f/6.3 I got 1/60-1/100 shutter speed from the Sigma. At f/6.3 yesterday with the Telyt, speeds were 1/200-1/320, more than a stop faster (therefore brighter).

Yup, one’s a little bright and the other’s a little dim, just as I’d figured. No slam on the Sigma with its fabulous OIS, except for one thing . . .

. . . ya can’t freeze the critter!

CL/Sigma 150-600mm