Portrait, anyone?

As the rain slowly starts to relent a bit, the next hope is that the sun will soon make an appearance. Maybe it’s just ascribing my own feelings to my critter friends, but it seems that birds et alia are just as sick of the overhead doom and gloom as I am. They are certainly harder to find lately.

During the semi-lockdown, when park greenery was left to grow for a while, there were butterflies and dragonflies everywhere. Today, it took me half an hour to find just one dragonfly. And even then, I couldn’t get my 90-280mm to minimum focus distance without flushing the skittish little one. Oh, well.

A roughly 1:5 reproduction ratio makes the lens eminently useful for recording small stuff. I have an achromat that would make it a real macro, but that’d be overkill for anything except maybe ant-sized critters. I didn’t really learn what the lens can do at short distances today. I’ll need at enough light (and time and subject matter) to shoot at f/5.6-f/8 before I can form an impression.

If only critters were as eager as humans are to dive in front of the camera…