Positives . . .

Pausing bird photography seems to have changed a lot about other photographic pursuits. For one thing, cameras seem to work much better with far less to complain about. Autofocus is fantastic.

Probably the most subtle change that has had the most positive impact is that I currently use no adapted lenses. No variety of caps to pack. No adapter to remember. No manual focus unless I want to. Lens changes are easily done on the fly.

Eager as I was to get my hands on the TL2 before I left for my current junket, its shutter count is still at 3. Yes, now that I’m not chasing birds with it, the SL2 works so magnificently that I can’t put it down.

The nicest thing of all is that instead of cursing the shortcomings of long lenses, I’m being continually amazed in a positive way by the capabilities of short lenses.

Yeah, it took a while to get to this point. But it sure has been worth it.

SL2/75mm Summicron-SL