Possibilities . . .

After not meshing well with two zoom lenses that are almost universally acknowledged as being great lenses, I started to wonder if the problem might be me. Having taken pride in my steady hands in years past, am I starting to figuratively lose my grip?

While out with the RF 800mm f11 this afternoon it occurred to me that if I could handle that, which I demonstrably can, then the problem is not my handling skills. Still, the problem does likely fall back on me, as I’ve noticed an increasing aversion to carrying weighty lenses.

It also partly explains why I have no interest in acquiring another copy of the Sony 200-600mm, well over 2kg deployed; or the very fine Sigma 150-600mm. In fact, if the upcoming Tamron 50-400mm turns out to be unsuitable, I won’t have any full frame long zoom to use with the a7 IV. And even if it does, the Tamron, which reportedly won’t take the Sony TC, won’t be long enough.

It underscores what I realized after I’d gone through the whole rigamarole of sourcing the 100-400mm GM and teleconverter: that my original intent had been a lightweight backup for Canon, which is exactly what the a6500 and 70-350mm have turned out to be. So, no use for the a7 IV? Might it eventually get cannibalized for more Canon gear?

Probably not anytime soon. But as it gets less enticing to reach for anything other than the Canon gear for chasing critters, who knows?

R5/RF 800mm f11