Progress . . .

Seems that any good change in the weather is offset by some opposing circumstance. Rain when it’s cool, smog when it’s not so humid, and today, beautiful, bright sunshine—with tons of heat shimmer. Out with the Z fc and 500mm PF, I headed over to the mud flat and seawall.

The little camera continues to punch above its weight, even getting a BIF or two; and would have had more if I’d remembered to set VR to pan. No user profiles on this body, so I must either change EV, shutter speed, and VR in anticipation of BIF, else muff the chance. Anyway, BIF will be the R5’s job, and I’m satisfied with the Nikon setup so far.

After reading reviews, looking at sample images, and seeing the lens again, I decided against the RF 100-500mm. Start to finish, it appears to have been designed by non-photographers. The extension issue with TCs, a collar that’s removable with a foot that’s not, a long zoom throw, added to numerous reviews that claim IS doesn’t work right and damage from light rain—heck, even the f/11 DO lenses can take a good bit of rain and keep working.

With the current promotion, I walked out with a 100-400mm and will likely add a 600mm f/11 (again) on Monday. The one thing consistent in all the reviews was NO claim that the RF 100-500mm was optically superior to the f/11 lenses. Neither was there any claim that the lens is better than its superb predecessor, the EF 100-400mm IS II, only that it has 100mm extra reach. I haven’t seen a single photo taken with the newer lens that’s as good as what I got from the older one.

With the two lenses, I’ll have a great combination of competent IQ and light weight. AND—yes, it matters—efficient IS that doesn’t require a switch to be flipped in order to pan with BIF. Not 500PF IQ, mind you; but plenty good to hold me until those rumored faster RF DO primes start coming on the market.

No such thing nowadays as shooting everything with one brand, methinks. Not much to inspire brand loyalty, either. Learning the hard way, I suppose, is better than never learning . . .

(Edit: Just learned from a reliable source that the R5’s DLA is f/7.1, so maybe no f/11 lens.)

Z fc/500mm PF
Z fc/500mm PF