Progress . . .

Out in gloomy, overcast weather with intermittent drizzle, ISO stayed in four digits almost the whole day. But with a few friends finally showing their little faces, it was worth it.

If I had any concerns about the weight of the lens, the past two days put them to rest. Eight miles yesterday and nine today gave me no issues. Using my Billingham rucksack for transport and a harness for shooting, on which the setup balances perfectly, keeps the load (and me) more or less symmetrical, which is key for me.

Having seen numerous images, including my own with the S5, prior to shooting with it on the SL2-S, I had noticed that some shots appear just slightly out of focus. It appears to be a combination of two things: a weakness of DFD (or maybe autofocus in general because PDAF does the same thing to a lesser degree) on certain subject matter; and the slightest bit of what appears to be veiling flare coming from somewhere.

So far I’ve used a clear filter without hood, so will try the converse to see if the issue persists—although it seems to occur only when textureless or ultrafine-textured white or yellow is in the crosshairs of spot focus. If no other quirks turn up, that surely won’t be enough to complain about, especially when considering the strengths of the setup.

Hopefully a morning with no threat of rain will soon find me on a visit to my old haunts, the mud flat and seawall. It won’t be long before it’s time for some of my passing-through friends to stop by on their return flights . . .

SL2-S/Sigma 150-600mm
SL2-S/Sigma 150-600mm