Progression . . .

Well, I was gonna title this one “transition,” but in its current social context, it’s definitely not the right word for this blog entry!

Though some days are better than others, and some time away from the ant farm, hopefully next month, will be better than all, going with the L-mount body and mostly manual focus lenses is thus far giving me the kind of image quality I’ve been seeking. Without gear to gripe about, I’ve had less to write.

Further refining the MF arsenal to mostly M glass has worked well so far, but seems odd with the M10 sitting in the dry cabinet most of the time. Any thought of upgrading to an M11 is obviated by the fact that the SL2 already does much of what the M11 does.

While no camera changes appear to be on the immediate horizon, an L-mount body of lighter weight could see the M10 sacrificed down the road. But unlike in times past, I’m not eagerly awaiting the next release and whatever new marketing features it might bring.

No. Not even PDAF . . .

SL2/90mm Summicron-M III