Quality reach . . .

With sunshine and good light this afternoon, I dared to try the RF 2X on the RF 100-500mm. Aside from being able to make 12-point type legible at sixty meters, it was unremarkable.

The only shots I managed, one of which is below, were somewhat harshly backlit. So it was not possible to discern how it would fare with feather details with front light on the subject. No matter, as the real mitigating factor for this combo, with ridiculous relative reach, is actually local “air” and heat shimmer.

The RF 1.4X will be more likely to get the call if an extender is needed when the lens is used in good light. But it’s good to know that if I want to ID a sparrow from half a mile away, the 2X would likely do its part in making that possible.

There are two kinds of reach. This setup has the kind I like.

R7/RF 100-500mm/RF 2X