R to M . . .

Ever since I sacrificed a ton of good glass to get my hands on an 80mm Summilux-R, I’ve missed a couple of the departed pieces, especially the 90mm Summicron-M III (pre-asph). Today a few things got switched around.

Gone are the 80 ‘lux and the R 50 ‘lux, both with which I got some superb images. Bonding with the incoming 90 ‘cron was almost immediate, with the background texture of the 80 ‘lux but with slightly tamer OOF areas.

Another lens I missed was the 35mm Summicron-M III, another Mandler lens. This time it’s a recently-CLA’d copy in much better condition without a filter frozen on it, as with the one before.

The outlier is a 50mm Summilux-M ASPH which my fast-talking shopowner friend convinced me that I must have. I’ve already delved into the views of the late, great Mr. Puts on this lens in an effort to understand why its draw is so different, and why I should try to acquire a taste for it. But my first impression of it, likely due to hypercritical eyes, has not been a good one. It’s just too . . . too . . . Karbe!!

Still no move on a 135mm, as I am seeing far too many older R lenses advertised with thin haze disclosure. Hey, Sigma, where’s your DG DN (lighter weight) version of that 135mm f/1.8?

SL2/90mm Summicron-M III