Rambling . . .

Serious critter-stalking precluded by sizzling weather, I thought it a good time to try the 180mm APO-Elmarit + APO 2X on an m43 body. Eight or nine years ago I used the lens alone on an Oly body and had decent results with it.

The E-M1 II, with its S1R-like menus and buttons, was not only a pain to set up for a manual lens, but equally annoying to use from shot to shot. While IBIS did a decent job of stabilizing the recorded image, the finder image got no such relief. In order to focus at all, magnification had to be reduced from 10X to 5X, meaning critically accurate focus was not doable in many shots.

No need to repeat the insanity, as the camera’s operation is fast and facile with its native 300mm f/4 Pro attached. I may try the R glass on the G95, though, mostly to see if there’s any stabilization whatsoever in the finder.

Interestingly, for a period of several years and close to fifty thousand frames, I shot critters with earlier copies of the same lens/TC combo on a Sony NEX-7. No stabilization, and images were contrasty with superb edge acuity—wide open!

I’ll concede that my standards have probably become more stringent over the years. And improvements in noise control might make shortcomings more visible. No, couldn’t possibly have anything to do with advancing age, or diminishing eyesight and dexterity . . . nahhhh . . .

E-M1 II/180mm f/2.8 APO-Elmarit-R/APO-Extender-R 2X