Rambling . . .

An outing for some target shooting with the CL/180mm/2X setup was enough to reassure that my hands are up to the task without OIS/IBIS. Next test: birds. Assuming I can find some.

Poking around the usual sources/places in search of TL glass turned up little, no surprise. Still trying to figure which ones are worth it. Sigma APS-C would be a lure but for its telltale “yellow” rendering. Maybe yet, but I’d love to keep the gear all native as much/long as I can.

Querying the mind of an extremely knowledgeable shopkeeper friend today, I learned just how low he expects M10 prices to drop in coming weeks and months. Hmmm . . . maybe it’ll be a good time to send off the unsupported M9 in favor of its newer sibling, but that’s likely to be as far into M bodies as I go.

I wouldn’t trade my recent M experiences for anything, especially finally learning how to frame and focus by rangefinder. But there’s gotta also be a place for the more modern stuff.

Finally, as depicted below, the calm before tonight’s “storm” . . .

CL/18mm Elmarit-TL
CL/75mm APO-Summicron-M