Rambling . . .

The fp L is on its way out, replaced by a G95, in anticipation of the arrival of a Japan-made copy of the PanLeica 100-400mm. The fp L is probably the only camera I’ve ditched through no real fault of its own. I happen not to like the big-MP Sony sensor, which renders less detail than the SL2’s. And the position of the extremely offset EVF, probably a boon to many users, displaced my usual knack for getting level horizons without needing the camera’s virtual horizon.

Sometime back I think I said something about clearing out my remaining Nikon stuff. I did—most of it. I still have the Z50, which will last at least until next week’s Nikon press conference, in case they announce some long Z-mount glass that doesn’t weigh a ton.

The hastily-made grab shot below was taken with the Z50 and 50-250mm DX kit lens. The lens is all plastic, including the mount; but with an AOV equivalent to 375mm on crop sensor, it renders fine detail with much more clarity than the 2nd version of Nikon’s 80-400mm VR.

That level of optics, double the focal length, with a more robust build and some weather resistance, please! I won’t even quibble about a small aperture, I promise.

. . . with my fingers crossed . . .

Z50/50-250mm DX