Random . . . II

The notion of a so-called “limited edition” being made better than the regular product never really crossed my mind. But so far, the current CL copy has showed none of the signs of getting too hot, as my previous copies did.

Another thing is the included 18mm lens. My first copy didn’t impress at all, at least not in a Leica sort of way. But the current copy appears to be so good that I won’t need the 23mm Summicron. I can just crop to that AOV if needed. Between it and the 35mm Summilux, an astounding piece of glass, I’m set for normal and moderate wide.

Looks like “best in class” for some of this glass is an understatement . . .

CL/60mm APO-Elmarit-TL
CL/35mm Summilux-TL ASPH