Random Observations

Checking how this copy of the CL performs with this copy of the Sigma 100-400mm, I found that AF-S (again) works better than AF-C. More importantly, even the quiet shutter slap of the CL disturbs the OIS of the lens. Once I switched to full-time electronic shutter, I got bone-sharp, beautifully detailed images from the lens.

Aside from the battery issue on the fp L, with which some users will be unhappy, the only other niggle I’ve found is the too-large square of Single AF. The single crosshair of the SL2 and CL is the best I’ve ever used for acquiring focus on exactly what I want. Beyond that, the fp L is not only a do-everything camera, it does it all well.

I’m still over the moon about my current copy of the Sigma 100-400mm. Testing it on known, familiar targets, it resolves more detail than the 300PF with 1.4X TC. The color and contrast are more to my liking as well. On the SL2 with both OIS and IBIS, I get a totally stable finder image (same as 90-280mm SL), which enables me to pinpoint AF, even when shooting through foliage.

Now if only I could find some birds . . .

CL/90mm Summicron-SL