Random stuff . . .

Out with the R6 and 800mm f11 for a single rain-interrupted walk this afternoon, I was delighted by the sight of a male Cinnamon Bittern, only the second time I’ve seen one, depicted below. I only wish he’d been as delighted to see me! They are supposedly fairly common here, but aren’t as visible as their yellow cousins.

The R6 certainly shoots cleaner than the a6400, which tells me I’ll likely need a full-frame Sony to do justice to the 200-600mm G lens. Too bad, as I like the tiny a6400, which will continue to serve as a “teleconverter” of sorts.

Poking through the archives with fresh eyes on old shots, I see that the 200-600mm is clearly better than the Sony 100-400mm w/TC. And the Sony 100-400mm/TC combo outdoes its EF counterpart at all distances, no small feat.

I recall being thoroughly unimpressed by the a7r IV’s sensor. My archives confirm that, in fact, the a6400 shoots are noticeably cleaner! Next thing to figure is whether to grab an a9 or wait for the A7 IV, which is supposedly coming next month. I’ve never tried an a9, and I’ve never been impressed by any of Sony’s 24mp a7 options. I guess that’s my answer.

The crisper shots I got today tell me I need to pay a bit more attention to technique when shooting the Sony stuff. OIS is great, but it has its limits and will do a lot better if I’m less sloppy in the field. But with that reach, who wouldn’t be giddy? 😉

R6/RF 800mm f11
R6/RF 800mm f11