Random stuff . . .

Looking at the day’s photos each evening while I was on the road, it seemed that the R5/RF 100-400mm combo was missing focus more than one would expect it to. Once I returned and started reviewing all the photos on my Macbook, suddenly almost all were in focus!

When Apple hyped their new ipad pro almost four years ago, I bought one on launch day, expecting to be able to PP my photos on a travel-ready option that had cellular built in. After almost a year and numerous miscues (and bullshit from Apple) I went back to Macbook for PP’ing. Recent software changes and a keyboard with a trackpad had me thinking I could at least make minor adjustments while on the road. But, heck, now I see that it can’t even render the files! Methinks the only innovation at Apple these days is in their marketing department.

Out with the D7500 and 500mm PF this morning, I decided to keep the Z fc. Tough choice it was, between two really good cameras. But the mirrorless AF is a little bit better. And after shooting quieter cameras, the D7500’s shutter sounded like the crack of a whip. AND it reduced stabilization to around one stop only.

Reluctant to part with the 500mm PF, but bothered by its lack of versatility in the field, I may eventually try the Z 100-400mm against it. Reviews were only lukewarm and sample photos were meh, but user reviews are very positive and their photos also look great.

Tells ya something, doesn’t it? Impartial? Nahhh, probably not . . .

D7500/500mm PF
D7500/500mm PF