Random stuff…

Still debating whether to continue searching for a teleconverter for the Lumix 70-200mm f/4, I shot it quite a bit on the CL today with inconsistent results. Most shots were perfectly focused, but shots with lower contrast subject matter missed by a little. This would likely lead to the lens being useless on the CL with a 2X, as it was last time.

Fortunately it should work well on the CL for the purpose I had in mind when I chose to acquire the current copy of the lens. No slam on the CL, as it came before the L-mount alliance and is not expected to be fully compatible with the lens.

The good part is that the tiny bit of acuity gain stopped down that I mentioned the other day might have something to do with imperfect implementation of OIS when the lens is attached to the CL. On the one outing so far on the SL2, the lens was Leica-like, at peak wide open.

A compact, weather-resistant 400mm option with internal zoom is what a 2X would give me. The Sigma is weather-resistant only at the mount, and repeated extension and retraction of the zoom slow me down in the field. Sharp as the current copy is, it’s not ideal for birds as it takes a second or two for the OIS to stabilize the lens for a sharp image. F/8 is slow for a 400mm, but OIS is a strong point for Lumix; and dual IS when shot on the SL2 might make it a viable option.

Many people say that the 90-280mm SL is a too-heavy lens, with some claiming to have sold their copies for that reason. I admit there are days when I need more than 90mm but not 280mm that I am not enthusiastic about carrying it. That’s the gap the Lumix fills, at about 60% the weight of the SL lens.

It’s another story, though, when I head out intending to shoot at the long end. Yesterday’s hike was a little over twelve miles and the SL2/90-280mm never felt heavy on my cobbled strap/harness.

Birds? Still another story, as heavy foot traffic in parks and nature reserves here during pandemic times has caused the little critters to be far less confiding than before. Intimate portraits have turned into environmental shots. Still beats the alternative, though . . .

Blue-Throated Bee Eater
SL2/90-280mm SL