Random thoughts . . .

. . . mostly on the R7.

What I’ve seen so far from the 32mp sensor of the camera is NOTHING like what I got from the 90D. It’s like day and night. Dunno/don’t care whether it’s a new sensor or the old one reworked; I like it so far.

A few shots out the window with the RF 800mm on the R7 were not encouraging due to some obvious shake, even at 1/800. The one shot that was critically sharp did have a little fuzziness on fine details, a sure sign of diffraction.

With a diffraction-limited aperture of f/5.2, f/8 will probably be my slowest option on the camera. With some reach, f/11 would be doable in good light, as it’s another one of those tradeoffs: higher magnification yields lower frequency feather details, which wouldn’t be as crisp due to diffraction, but good light might make the reach worth the slow aperture. I probably didn’t explain it too clearly, but it makes sense to me!

That repositioned dial is something I was almost sure I wouldn’t like; but as it turns out, it requires about the same level of awkwardness as the R5’s dial does. What bugs me, though, is that it throws back-button AF an uncomfortable distance to the right. Grip and shutter button work well with my hand size, but not much else does!

In low to moderate overcast this afternoon, the EF 200mm + 2X worked well, capturing good feather detail as long as I kept it at f/8. Wide open for critters doesn’t look nearly as good. Even though the sharpness is there, the contrast isn’t; and CA is a factor. The big question now is whether the lens + 1.4X will be long enough. Seems as though my little friends are keeping a bit more distance these days . . .

R7/EF 200mm f2.8/EF 2X
R7/EF 200mm f2.8/EF 2X