Random . . .

Seeing that a few international gear dealers have had the Lumix S 70-300mm back in stock for a while, I checked with a local authorized dealer who confirmed that the local distributor still doesn’t import any Lumix S gear. Of course, at double the price of Canikony’s comparable products and made in China to boot, who here would bite anyway?

Which also leads me to wonder how much longer Sigma will stick with the L-mount alliance. After the 100-400mm fizzled here, will local shops even bother stocking the 150-600mm in L-mount? It’s not the lenses, either; the E-mount versions of Sigma’s recent releases are hugely popular here.

Which leads me to speculating on whether I should ditch the CL in favor of a second full-frame M body. The M9 was the first M that caught my eye, but I didn’t do RF focusing back then. Now I do, but the M9 is currently in such a renaissance that (a) they’re hard to find; and (b) they’re overpriced for a digital dinosaur whose remaining life expectancy is a question mark.

Oh, well, I’ll just enjoy what I have for the time being, especially the ability to abuse perspective control (see below). I can only imagine what fun this form of CI would be atop Victoria Peak right now . . . 😉

M10-R/35mm Summilux FLE