Rangefinder (mis)focusing. . .

The only camera I’ve ever routinely focused by rangefinder was a Fuji 6X9 medium format 1.5kg monster with a fixed lens. I think I put five or six rolls through it, with excellent results, before trundling it off. By the time I got to Leica full frame, the M240 had an accessory EVF, which was necessary because most of my Leica glass was R-mount at the time.

Well, today I set out to see what I could do with the M10-R’s rangefinder, knowing that my near vision would likely be inadequate. The idea was to see if I could come close enough so that a diopter, magnifier, or combination of the two would make a difference.

With a 24mm, 50mm, 75mm and 135mm my only self-imposed rule was no shots at infinity distances. Shooting both outdoors and inside at varying apertures, I got critical accuracy on about 57% of my shots with the shorter three lenses, only about 14% with the 135mm.

With no pretenses about being a purist, I figure that the Visoflex will actually be less fiddly than a magnifier, which would also complicate framing. Next experiment is to try EVF magnification without peaking, which is overkill on both the M10 and M10-R.

In the afternoon, I grabbed the Oly and went bird-chasing, which unsurprisingly turned out a good bit better than the morning…

Pacific Swallow
E-M1 II/300mm f/4 Pro/1.4X

White-Breasted Waterhen
E-M1 II/300mm f/4 Pro/1.4X