Reach Junkie

The RF 800mm went straight to work this morning, though with a clear filter rather than a hood, which is on the way from the Land of Cheap Accessories. It had some challenges with reflective matter in the harsh morning light, but captured some superb images in the overcast afternoon.

The outlier of the day award went to a pair of Common Waxbills foraging in the mud flat. They were too skittish for a closer shot, but the reach of the 800mm made a couple of salvageable images (one posted below). A plover who likely saw his reflection in the front element made an interesting second shot.

Famine to feast today, birds seemed more available than usual, with no less than three raptors giving me chances.

Tonight I’ll delve into the S5 tome in hopes of finding something to help me make it work better. AF-ON is now assigned to the lens function switch, at least making the elements move some. With a table of contents as long as some full instruction manuals, by pure chance there’s bound to be something helpful in it.

Probably the biggest improvement so far was scraping off the “made in china” lettering from the base of the camera . . .

R6/RF 600mm f11
R6/RF 800mm f11