Reach with ooomph!

Out on a gloomy afternoon with the R5/RF 800mm f11 combo, at times shooting under canopy, the first order of business was to see how slow a shutter speed I could count on for perched birds. Answer: slower than I’d be likely to shoot, anyway.

The shots below of a juvenile Ashy Tailorbird and a Coconut Lorikeet (introduced species) were not my best shots of the afternoon, but rather ones that I wouldn’t have gotten without this lens. It is the perfect complement to the zoom and extender.

I doubt if anyone from Canon would admit it even if asked directly, but this plastic tube’s optics give probably 95% of the quality of the $17k f5.6 bazooka. For that kind of difference I don’t mind the extra step of using noise reduction software, which will be needed extensively on shots taken with the lens.

On another note, yesterday I decided at last minute to preorder an R7, only to find that the first allotment is sold up. There’s a tiny chance I may get lucky with store stock once it’s available if I persist—but without the preorder promotional bundle. This afternoon’s outing left me wondering if I really want to deal with APS-C noise with these slow lenses.

Oh, well, outta my hands at the moment anyway!

R5/RF 800mm f11
R5/RF 800mm f11