Reach with ooomph . . .

No, it’s not an exhortation. “Reach” is a noun as used above.

It describes what I observed this afternoon shortly after my Panleica 100-400mm (Japan-made copy) arrived. This lens is better than I remember my previous copy being. Having found a RAW processor with profiles for the camera and lens as well as a good denoise function probably accounted for at least some of the difference.

Even with its few downsides, m43 still has some advantages over larger formats. Shot acquisition is one. Gear is smaller, cameras don’t get bogged down by so much data, and (a big plus for me) my critter appears larger in the viewfinder.

Ok, so today’s shots were made under bright sunshine—except for the shot below, which was a grab shot under canopy. The honeymoon may end when gloomy weather pushes ISO up and shutter speed down. But for today, it was good. And fun.

G95/Panasonic Leica 100-400mm