Relief . . .

A conversation about Leica with a shop owner friend, which I mentioned here a week or so ago, coupled with past experiences with horrible service from LCAP, left me concerned about about what might happen if my four-year-old M10 had problems. Leica here charges an exorbitant fee just to take in a non-warranty item—applicable to the cost of repair, of course, to which their math will undoubtedly add on more exorbitant charges.

As such, the M10 has been banished, along with the R-mount APO glass, with the only things left being the 350mm Telyt and M lenses.


Moving forward, an LP-E6N is on the charger now, to be put in my new R5, which will now be my system camera. Fortunately the street price, still not far from MSRP, moderated enough to make it a practical choice with a couple of incentives thrown in.

Still uncertain about the RF 100-500mm, I handled a copy in the store, not enthralled by the three twists it takes to extend the zoom, nor by its build quality vs. price. On those points, the Nikon 100-400mm tops it. Having reviewed some past shots with my previous lightweight RF 100-400mm and 1.4X earlier today, I held off on choosing until I can research a bit more.

To have something to shoot for the moment, I grabbed an RF 85mm f/2, which I previously enjoyed shooting on the R6. Other additions will likely be made over time, but no hurry for now as the CL has me covered.

So there’s no fancy red dot on RF-mount gear; but there is a service center a mile or two from here that does honor product warranties and also does excellent work, with a nice front-line staff to facilitate things.

Yeah . . . relief . . .

Z fc/500mm PF