Righting the ship II–Friday massacre . . .

So much for keeping the kit to a light weight. The notion of adding R glass to the arsenal was no more than a “what if” until two days ago, when I saw a first-batch copy 80mm Summilux-R in near mint condition.

I dumped my previous copy off when I went through a phase of leaden SL glass. When SL gear was found to be impractically heavy and got offloaded, I humored myself with the 80’s cousin, a 75mm Summilux-M. From a purely optical viewpoint, the 75mm is probably a better lens; but in terms of aesthetics, there’s nothing like the 80mm.

With the war chest pretty much depleted due to a long series of offloading gear at unfavorable prices, I knew I’d have to let go a few pieces to trade for it. In the end, it turned out to be FOUR, including a couple of Mandler cornerstone pieces. Aside from a realization that I hadn’t been careful examining the condition of a couple of the departed lenses when I acquired them, I didn’t flinch.

I’m satisfied this was a right move. And, with what I learned today, letting go the other glass was the best thing to do as well. It’s a definite nudge to look more closely at any future legacy glass, even pieces from “trusted” sellers. And maybe it’s a sign to avoid old M glass altogether. Leica’s old glass stands up to time, but is no match for careless owners.

As for today’s “massacre:” just another step forward.

M10/80mm Summilux-R