Righting the ship . . .

At the height of my frustration with the R7’s noisy raw files, I couldn’t help but think about the R6 I let go in search of megapixel reach. As many times as I’ve made similar moves with the same disastrous result, it probably counts as insanity.

That got corrected today. The R7 is gone and a new R6 sits in its place. I realized before making the move that it would probably kill off the RF 100-500mm. Relative reach would be such that default deployment would have to be with an extender, making the setup too long to move about with comfortably, since the zoom must be extended past 300mm in order to accommodate an extender.

Still, I did some test shots with the extenders attached. IS was not impressive at all, and ISO went to the mid-5 digits on some shots, even in fairly decent light. Lens and extenders will get a more structured test in the next day or two, but will most likely end up outbound. Either of the plastic f/11 lenses would be preferable (and probably a notch better in IQ on the R6) than this ergonomic disaster.

Still, with bird-chasing currently on pause, and likely to resume—if at all—as a part of the hobby rather than as its core, it’d be better to avoid backtracking if at all possible. The extenders will rest in the dry cabinet in the hope that Canon has a moderately fast 300mm or 400mm in the works.

Interestingly, the EF 200mm f/2.8 and 2X EF extender looked great in this afternoon’s hasty testing. It’ll also be fun to see what I can do with the 200mm alone on full frame. The Viltrox 85mm looked good as well, and it’ll likely join the 200mm and 135mm f/2 in the bag for an urban stroll in the near future.

Throughout these past few days, the M10 has transformed last week’s frustration into a nice phase of fulfillment. Now if only I can keep from doing something stupid . . . again!

M10/21mm Elmarit-M