Round three . . .

After a flurry of test shots with both Sony bodies and zooms as well as the R7 and RF 100-400mm, the 100-400mm GM lens is in the outbox for eventual departure. The handling difference in the field between it and the 200-600mm is not that great, but the difference in very fine details at infinity with teleconverters is one plus for the bigger zoom; and the difference in aperture at comparable reach is another.

The a9 II will also likely head out the door, a spectacular body for what it can do, but with features my kind of shooting doesn’t exploit. The a7 IV is, in fact, sort of a “sweet spot” camera for what I do. It has no specialty at which it excels, but is instead very good at almost everything, including bird eye AF. The a9 II’s departure will make room for serious consideration of the upcoming a7r V, which could be a valuable tool in crop mode if its specs are as rumored.

But what about a compact, high-quality zoom for travel? Already solved. With relative reach on the R7 ample enough without a teleconverter attached by default, another try with the RF 100-500mm seemed in order.

Out in doom, gloom, and eventually rain this afternoon, the zoom behaved itself fairly well on the R7, zipping past the subject to focus on the background only a couple of times. Light and available critters were insufficient for seeing how much feather detail I can get. But it’s obvious that Canon did some work to make this combo symbiotic because images look great with appreciable detail all the way to ISO 6400.

As always, more experimentation is required, to which I enthusiastically look forward!

R7/RF 100-500mm